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Hustisford Community Library Plan 2018-2021

October 3rd , 2018

Mission Statement:

We welcome and support all people in their enjoyment of reading and pursuit of lifelong learning. We strive to provide equal access and quality resources to information, ideas and knowledge. By utilizing various materials, and the internet, we provide services that provide innovative programs to stimulate creativity, intellectual curiosity, and facilitate continuing education and research within the Hustisford community.

Vision Statement:

The Hustisford Community Library will be the hub of creative life in the community.  We will excel in: collecting, preserving, and providing access to the best scholarly and educational resources; providing high quality, innovative services; and creating a welcoming and comfortable physical environment.  We will foster an atmosphere that encourages diversity, excellence, and continued growth in finding ways to surpass our own high standards.


  • Provide library services and resources in multiple formats that meet our users’ needs.
  • Re-imagine the physical space of the library to better meet the demands of our patrons in the future.
  • Educate users about the library’s services and resources.
  • Increase collaboration with students, school faculty, library staff, and the community.

Future Goals:

  • Continue to offer literature rich resources and physical access to information and entertainment.
  • Work with staff on training in current trends on technology and readers’ advisory.
  • Provide excellent programs and services by sharing ideas and opinions and maximizing our talents to better serve the community.
  • Create a comfortable, welcoming and safe environment for the community.
  • Seek additional resources through continuing and expanding volunteer programs, fundraising, accessing grants and increasing efficiencies.
  • Work closely with the Friends group on fundraising and promotions.
  • Bridge the gap in the digital divide between patrons and digital technology and the internet.
  • Utilize technology that enhances staff efficiencies.
  • Continue to refocus programs and services to respond to changing community needs.
  • Educate the public on the technology resources we offer and how it can benefit them in their personal, educational, and professional lives.
  • Promote Library as a central hub in the community.


Capital Improvement Goals: 2019-2023

  • New Flooring for the main library and the children’s area.
  • Furniture for leisure.
  • New tables and chairs for the computers.
  • Create a Seed Library within the main library.
  • Create a Community Library Vegetable Garden on the library grounds.
  • Create a Maker Space/STEM lab for young people to explore.
  • Create a computer lab for educational classes and internet instruction.



HUSTISFORD COMMUNITY LIBRARY BY-LAWS 11/14/2005, 05/10/2011, 6/5/2018 ARTICLE 1- NAME This organization shall be called the “Board of Trustees of the Hustisford Community Library”‘ existing by virtue of the provisions of Chapter 43 of the Laws of the State of Wisconsin, and exercising the powers and authority and assuming the responsibilities delegated to it under …

Computer and Internet Policy

Computer and Internet Use Policy (Amended 2/10/2009), (02/11/2013) Due to the changing needs of the community, the Hustisford Community Library will offer access to the Internet and other electronic resources. The purpose of providing this service is the wealth of information that is now available in electronic format. This allows the library to vastly expand …

Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry Policy 10/11/2011 No person shall go armed with a concealed weapon at the Hustisford Community Library


FINANCIAL POLICY (Approved 11/12/13) I. Funding for the library will be from the Village and Township of Hustisford. II. An annual budget will be prepared by the director and submitted to the library Board for consideration and approval. Once the budget is approved by the library Board, it shall be submitted to the Village and …

Makerspace and 3D Printer

Hustisford Community Library Makerspace Program Policies and Procedures Approved 10/13/2015, approved 5/9/2017, approved 12/11/2018 Purpose As part of our general mission to provide the Hustisford community with opportunities for lifelong learning and exploration, we are now offering a Makerspace program.  Specifically, the Makerspace will fulfill the following purposes: To facilitate the exploration of new technology, …

Materials Challenge Policy

Materials Selection

1 HUSTISFORD COMMUNITY LIBRARY MATERIALS COLLECTION POLICY Adopted 1/10/2012 INTRODUCTION In any institution, it is imperative that the public be able to identify and comprehend the workings of the institution. Within that institution, it is also necessary that all individuals clearly understand the whys, hows and wherefores of its inner workings. For quality, cooperation and …

Meeting Room

Meeting Room Policy All requests to use our meeting room must fill out an application form: Meeting room application 1 page The meeting room at the Hustisford Community Library is primarily intended for the use of the library and their programs. It shall also be available for use by the community for educational, cultural, intellectual, …


Hustisford Community Library Violence Policy The use of violence or the threat of violence in the Library is strictly prohibited. The possession or use of a weapon in the Library, except by authorized law enforcement personnel, is strictly prohibited. Any employee who violates this policy is subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal. Any person who …


Hustisford Community Library Wireless Internet Use Policy Adopted 5/20/2008 Free wireless Internet access is available at the Hustisford Community Library during library hours to anyone who has the necessary devices and software, via an open unsecured network. To use the service you may bring your charged wireless enabled laptop or handheld device to the library …