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Complaint Procedures

The following procedure was established to ensure that all complaints regarding the ADA are dealt with in a professional and timely manner. The procedure will be used boy the Library Director or library Board when dealing with complaints from both library users and employees.
1. A complaint must first be formally sent to the Library Director.
All staff will have been informed by this time that the Library ADA Public Service Complaint Form exists. Staff also understand their right to file a complaint regarding employment practices using the Employee ADA Complaint Form.
2. The Library Director reviews the complaint and begins investigation its validity.
The Library Director should talk directly to the complainant to follow up on any questions.
3. The Library Director meets separately with staff that are named in the complaint to document the other side of the story.
4. The Library Director makes a decision regarding the validity of the complaint.
If valid, go to #5.
If invalid, go to #7.
5. The Library Director discusses the complaint and possible corrective action with the Library Board.
6. The Library Director and Library Board decide on corrective action.
7. The Library Director writes to the complainant with the decision of the Library Board.
8. The Library Director informs the complainant that if they are not satisfied with the Library Board’s decision, they may file a formal complaint at the federal level.
9. The Library Director files complaints in a confidential file separate from others.