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Library ADA Employment Policy
Statement of Non-Discrimination
It is the Hustisford Public Library’s policy to not discriminate against individuals with disabilities in all employment practices, including job announcements, job application procedures, hiring, advancement, job assignments, leaves of absence, transfers, layoffs, demotions, discipline, discharge, compensation, fringe benefits and job training. It is the goal and policy of the Hustisford Public Library to employ those individuals that are most qualified. The Hustisford Public Library will not deny employment opportunities to applicants or employees who are in need of reasonable accommodations to perform the essential functions of their job.
Disability is defined as (1) a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one ore more of the major life activities of such individual, (2) a record of such an impairment, or (3) being regarded as having such an impairment. The Hustisford Public Library will not discriminate on the basis of illegal drug use against an individual who is not engaging in current use of drugs and who has successfully completed a drug rehabilitation program or who is in such a program or is regarded as engaging in such use.
Reasonable Accommodations
This policy is applicable to accommodations involving the job application process and current library employees.
The Hustisford Public Library seeks to provide requested accommodations through a mixture of program, structural and technological modifications prior to considering structural changes.
The Hustisford Public Library will notify all applicants of the availability of accommodations that would enable the applicant to be active in the hiring process. It will be the applicant’s responsibility and choice to request such an accommodation. After a request is made by an applicant, it is the Hustisford Public Library
It is the policy of the Hustisford Public Library that applicants not be asked questions regarding disability during the interview process. All questions will relate directly to the duties of the position.
It is the right of the Hustisford Public Library to condition a job offer on the satisfactory result of a post-offer medical examination or medical inquiry if this is required of all entering employees within the same job category.
It is the Library Director’s or Library Board’s responsibility to ensure that reasons why an individual is not hired are documented. Reasons for disqualification must be job related and consistent with business necessity. Reasons may be that an accommodation may
prove to be an undue hardship, an accommodation may not enable the individual to perform the essential functions of the job or such an accommodation would pose a “direct threat” in the workplace.
It is the responsibility of the Hustisford Public Library to notify all employees of their right to reasonable accommodations. Accommodations will be given to only those employees who need an accommodation to perform an essential function of their job. It is the employees’ right not to accept reasonable accommodations, but in doing so, it may change their status as being “qualified.”
The Hustisford Public Library recognizers that it is the responsibility of each employee to request accommodations in a timely manner.
It is the policy of the Hustisford Public Library that all employees requesting accommodations use the Employee ADA Request For Reasonable Accommodation form. This form will be used to document all request and approved accommodations made for employees.
Determination for Reasonable Accommodation
The Hustisford Public Library is not required to offer or provide accommodations or to employ or to continue to employ an individual with a disability when: (1) an applicant or employee with a disability is not otherwise qualified to perform the job, (2) a reasonable accommodation would not overcome the effects of a person’s disability, (3) reasonable accommodations would cause undue hardship or (4) an applicant or employee would pose a direct threat or substantial harm to the health or safely to himself or others.
It shall be the Library Director’s responsibility to make the decision of whether or not an accommodation is reasonable and can be made. The Library Director may ask the governing board or outside resources for assistance. The Library Director will submit in writing to the employee the decision regarding the accommodation request.
Grievance Procedures
It is the policy of the Hustisford Public Library that all grievances regarding employment practices and public service be submitted to the Library Directory within 45 days of the alleged discrimination. All grievances must be submitted on the Employee ADA Complaint Form or the Library ADA Public Service Complaint Form.
The Hustisford Public Library may ask for a neutral source, such as a mediation agency, to assist in the resolution process when mediation efforts by the Library Director are exhausted.
It will be the Library Director’s responsibility to maintain confidential files on all information regarding complaints.