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Meeting Room

Meeting Room Policy

All requests to use our meeting room must fill out an application form:

Meeting room application 1 page

The meeting room at the Hustisford Community Library is primarily intended for the use of the library and their programs. It shall also be available for use by the community for educational, cultural, intellectual, or charitable activities on a first come, first serve basis according to policy as established by the Library Board of Trustees.

All users must observe the following rules and regulations.
The use of illegal drugs, alcoholic beverages and smoking are strictly prohibited on Library premises.

Illegal activities may not take place in the meeting room or on any Library grounds.

A responsible adult must make application for the meeting room not more than six months in advance. This person shall assume full responsibility for any injury or damage to library property, building, furnishings or equipment that results from the use of the facility. That person is responsible for seeing that the room, bathrooms, kitchen facilities, parking area and grounds are returned to their original condition.

All groups are responsible for their own advance preparation.

All groups must bring their own kitchen utensils.

No open flame is allowed.

All groups must remove their garbage from the Library’s premises.

No equipment or furnishings may be removed from the building.

The meeting room door may not be locked during the meeting unless it is a governmental body that has statutory authority to enter into an executive session.

All meetings must begin while the library is open. If the meeting continues after Library hours, all doors must be locked and the key placed in the book or video return immediately following the meeting or the users will be responsible for the replacement of locks and keys.

No meeting may disrupt the use of the library by others. Any group that is disruptive or disorderly will be asked to leave.

All applications must be referred to the Library Director or Library Board of
Trustees for approval.

There will be a meeting deposit of $30.00 per day for all non-profit groups.
There will be a cleaning deposit of $30.00 for all other functions and a $60.00
usage fee.
All deposits and fees must be paid before the group can use the meeting room.
If any of the rules, regulations or conditions are not adhered to, the group will
forfeit all deposits and may be denied future use.

No function that charges a fee, recruits persons for a later fee, or promotes or
creates business opportunities will be allowed to use the meeting room.
Exemptions may be made for meetings sponsored by approved non-profit
educational groups or institutions for short-term classes or discussion groups
requiring tuition or a registration fee.

The Library Director and Library Board of Trustees have the right to cancel or reschedule dates that conflict with library sponsored programs and/or special
events. All events of the Library and Friends of the Library may be exempted
from any or all of the rules, regulations, or conditions upon approval of the
Library Director or Library Board of Trustees.

In the event of an emergency, such as inclement weather or loss of electricity,
the Library reserves the right to close the library and cancel all use of the
meeting room.

Children’s groups may use the meeting room provided one or more adult
sponsors supervise them. An adult is defined as someone over the age of 18

No person or group may make excessive use of the meeting room.

Storage facilities will not be provided for any organization or group.

The meeting room will not be available on Sundays.

Adopted April 16, 2002
Amended Feb 9, 2010