Book Club


secret lifeThis month’s book is “Secret Life Secret Death” by Genevieve Davis

Genevieve Davis made the film SECRET LIFE, SECRET DEATH, as well as wrote the book of her adventures finding out her family’s roots in organized crime. Both the movie and the book are based on her ten year genealogy research project in Chicago and Wisconsin.

Genevieve Davis takes you on a personal odyssey into the Chicago’s gritty underworld of Prohibition and mobsters of the Roaring 20’s, as she hunts down her family’s roots in organized crime in Gangland Chicago and northern Wisconsin.

Davis spins the tale with candor, humor, abundant historic photos and family snapshots. Davis provides wry commentary on her grandmother’s secret life and death, relates her own misadventures as a researcher, and even gives fascinating glimpses of her unorthodox life as a rambunctious historical re-enactor and professional artist. Some choice recipes provide the means for readers to savor the tale in their kitchens.